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Tropical American Tree Farms
growing precious tropical hardwoods for you!

20 Years

    20 wonderful years and millions of planted tropical hardwood trees after our modest beginning in 1991, we are excited to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

    Many of our tree owners have come to the farms to visit their trees and to explore the thousands of acres of beautiful natural rainforest we together are protecting.  All of the images in this presentation were taken on the farms.  Enjoy!

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    Below is a flashback to a 1993 video introducing Tropical American Tree Farms and Campo Real that was then our only farm. Our guiding values and objectives remain unchanged today.

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    At Tropical American Tree Farms, we are planting and sustainably growing many of the finest species of exotic tropical hardwoods in the world - millions of tropical hardwood trees, for harvest, for profit, both for our own account and by contract for thousands of individuals, IRA's, companies, and trusts.

Steve and happy tree owner with his teak - click for larger image
Steve and a satisfied tree owner
standing among his teak trees

    Whether as an investment, for your retirement or for future college costs, transferring wealth to your children or grandchildren, or producing your own tropical hardwoods for your personal use or for your business, we would love to grow these precious tropical trees for you!

    The tropical hardwoods we are growing on our tree farms are being crafted into some of the finest furnishings and architectural applications in the world.

Raleo® writing desk crafted from
cultured teak grown on our tree farms

    At the same time, by producing tropical hardwoods that are not being taken from the natural forest, we are helping to reduce the pressure on the world's declining natural rainforests and providing much needed employment in rural Costa Rica. We are also carefully protecting nearly 7,000 acres of tropical rainforest on our farms.

    We would love to have you join us in this unique and rewarding opportunity! 


    Since 1991, we have planted more than 2 million trees of more than fifty different tropical hardwood species for nearly 5,000 discerning individuals and corporate clients around the world. Our focus is principally on increasingly scarce high value, fast growing tropical hardwood species. Young teak trees for example can reach 70 feet tall in just 10 years.

    The tropical hardwoods we are growing are highly prized for their beauty and sought after for the very finest furniture, cabinetry, exquisite inlay work, architectural accents, musical instruments, and other uniquely beautiful furnishings.

    We will plant and grow for you, your IRA, trust or foundation, your children or grandchildren, your church or school, or anyone you wish, the same precious species of tropical hardwoods that we are growing for our own account.

    You can choose which of our species of precious hardwoods that you would like to own, and we do all the rest. We will select, plant, and care for your trees on our tropical tree farms in Costa Rica for up to 25 years, exactly as we do our own trees, in the same professional manner and with the same experienced personnel.

Beautiful tropical hardwoods grown by Tropical American Tree Farms - click for larger image
Our tropical hardwoods are truly beautiful

    At each thinning and harvest, you may choose to keep the precious hardwood lumber from your trees for your own use, or sell it yourself. Or if you prefer, we will sell your hardwoods for you and send you the proceeds.

    Your trees, and the tropical hardwoods they produce are yours to enjoy!

1992 - before planting and protecting to allow the forest to regenerate - click for larger image 2002 - after planting and allowing the forest to begin to regenerate - click for larger image

1992 - before we began planting
 and protecting

2002 - the same area after
 planting and regeneration

    As you explore and read, perhaps you too will discover the wisdom of growing tropical trees for harvest, for profit, and may wish to have us grow precious tropical trees for you.

    "Thank you so much for our several distribution checks. They have allowed us to do things we otherwise could never have done. We are so thankful that you shared this wonderful opportunity with us. . .  We only wish we had bought more trees when we first learned about you."  S.W. 

    You may enjoy reading more of the Notes and Letters from our tree owners and what they have to say about owning trees and their visits to the farms.

    To see more of the process of harvesting tropical hardwoods from our young trees and beautiful furniture and cabinetry crafted from them, go to From Trees to Beautiful Furniture.

Mother three-toed sloth with her baby asleep on her tummy - click for larger image
Mother three-toed sloth with her baby asleep on her tummy.
It is wonderful to see animals now thriving in the protection
 of our farms. Read more about how our farms are changing.

    You may want to review Why Plant Tropical Hardwood Trees or The Opportunity, or We Will Grow Tropical Hardwoods for You.

    Or if you want to know more about our philosophy, you may want to begin with Our Commitment.

    You may want to review the Projections for growing and harvesting teak trees or read about growing trees for harvest as a "near perfect" investment.

    We are motivated by much more than just profit and we encourage you to go to our Conservation page for more images and information about protecting tropical habitat. We strongly believe that with good values, care for the environment and desire for profit can go hand-in-hand.

Butterflies are an excellent indicator of the
 health of the environment on our farms.

    Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery, with photos of the beautiful lumber from our early thinning harvest of 7-1/2 year old teak, tree owners enjoying their trees, and the wonderful beauty of the areas we are protecting.

    To learn the latest here on the farms, you may also want to go to both What's New and perhaps review back issues of Tree Owners News, our newsletter to our tree owners and others interested in tropical hardwoods and tropical rainforests, to get more of an overview of our growth and progress.

Young male coatimundi in a cecropia tree - click for larger image Chestnut mandibled toucan - click for larger image

We have designated all 14,000 acres of our 15 farms as private wildlife sanctuaries and abundant animal and bird life is returning throughout the farms.

    If you would like to know when we post a new issue of our Tree Owners News, please send us a brief e-mail and we will be happy to include you. If you wish, you may also mention your area of interest, such as woodworking, manufacturing, research, education, conservation, etc.

    We maintain strict confidentiality and do not disclose e-mail addresses or any other information about any tree owner or Tree Owners News subscriber to anyone.

    You may also enjoy reading one or more of the nearly 40 newspaper and magazine Articles that have been written about Tropical American Tree Farms and Raleo, our sister company formed to craft and market exquisite furnishings and architectural details from the youngest hardwoods from our farms.

    If you want to know more about visiting your trees and enjoying the farms, you may want to read Visit the Farms for tips on travel to Costa Rica and locations of the farms.

Steve in the rainforest we are protecting on our Sierpe farm - click for larger image
We are protecting nearly 7,000 acres of vital tropical
habitat. Together we can protect even more!

    If you are interested in knowing the prices for growing tropical hardwood trees and learning how to join us as a tree owner, you may go to How to Order Trees. You are also welcome to send a quick e-mail to learn the availability of the species you are considering having us grow for you.

    If you have questions about having us grow tropical hardwood trees that aren't answered in Questions & Answers, please feel free to call us or send an e-mail. We'd be happy to answer any question that you may have about owning tropical trees.

lumber in the solar dryer - click for full size image
Steve in one of our solar dryers with thousands of
board feet of teak lumber from recently thinned trees.  

    From North America, you are welcome to dial toll free at 800-788-4918. From anywhere in the world, you can call us at country code 506, phone 2291-0713. Either number rings in right here in our offices in San Jose, Costa Rica.

    We invite you to join us in this unique opportunity!

                                              Steve and Sherry Brunner

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